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Buck’s Bags Inc. has manufactured our fishing craft since the early 80’s. We began with float-tubes and then started making simple pontoon boats that offered an effective alternative to the conventional models.
Over the years, these have evolved into our current fleet…the most effective, versatile and well constructed float-tubes and pontoon boats you will find! Our float-tubes have withstood the test of time and new innovations continue to improve their function and comfort. All of our pontoon boats feature our and crafted stainless-steel frames that offer superior design, strength and corrosion resistance relative to other frame materials. Our rotary welded pontoons are designed to be extremely durable and to perform at the highest level in all types of water conditions. Our bladders are 100% polyurethane, which is the best material available and will not break down like other types of bladders.
The design of our boats and float-tubes has been carefully considered, making them a pleasure to use. We invite you to compare our products to any others. We are confident that our exciting new boats, float-tubes, bags, chest packs and other accessories will once again place us at the top of the heap!

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Download a 14 megabyte print version of our Current fishing catalog in Adobe Acrobat format.


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